Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is time to work on remote education platform is strictly defined?

Time to work on distance learning platform is not strictly defined. Frequency and duration of log depends on the individual needs and abilities. It is important for the timely fulfillment of the tasks set out in the schedules work. The student / course participant decides whether it will for this purpose often log on to the platform using the materials or contact with colleagues and leading, or will be working primarily off-line, going only to download the materials and return the completed work.

  • Is it possible credit ratings from other universities?

Yes, there is such a possibility. After the start of classes, please contact on this matter directly with individual professors. It will decide whether prescribe assessment from another university.

  • Is it possible to start learning from the higher semester?

Yes, science can start from a higher semester. To this end, the Office of Admissions reorientation and application must be submitted to the Dean of the request for admission to the next semester, along with a photocopy of the index from the previous university.

  • Are second degree can be accepted every person, regardless of the direction of the completed degree studies?

Yes. Any person who is a graduate and has a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree engineer can start studying the second degree, regardless of what field of study completed.

  • Are people staying outside Polish borders can study via the Internet?

Yes, the person staying abroad can study Polish On-Line Polonia University. Recruitment and study are the same for persons residing in Poland and abroad.

  • Can students apply for a scholarship?

Polonia University Students studying on the online platform On-Line can apply for a grant on the same basis as other students.

  • What graduates receive a diploma?

Depending on the selected studies, graduates receive a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree awarded by the Polonia University in Częstochowa. Diplomas are issued under the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education on the types of titles broadcast graduates and models of diplomas and certificates issued by universities.

  • What conditions must be met to become a student studying On-Line?

Anyone who wants to become a student must have a high school diploma or a university degree (depending on the selected studies) and access to a computer and the Internet. We emphasize that you must have access to a computer and the network). Admission to college is a positive decision of the Recruitment Committee taken on the basis of a set of complex documents.

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