Distance Learning


Studies through the Internet!

DISTANCE LEARNING is a very interesting alternative to traditional education because it is learning through the Internet. It enables education anywhere, anytime. It is particularly important for:

• disabled people
• people working abroad,
• people living far from academic centers,
• mothers on parental leave,
• for ALL!

The Studies reduce costs and gives you access to the right knowledge at the right place and the right time.

Diploma or certificate of attendance doesn’t concede to traditional counterparts.

Each graduate of on-line studies receives exactly the same diploma as students studying conventionally at Polonia University.

In addition, the holder of a diploma knows how to effectively use modern IT tools and knows how to take advantage of information technology.

Internet Studies conducted by Polonia University on the online platform are an attractive complement to the educational offer.
Choosing studies on-line, you will participate in lectures on the online platform as well as can attend classes on-site at Polonia University.

Learning takes place in accordance with the extramural program, but classes are taught on-line.

Before proceeding to the program, students receive access (login and password) to an innovative study platform through which they complete their chosen field of study.

 International Educational Standards in Polonia University
Teaching program „Studies + Project” is a compendium of knowledge and competence that the program participant receives. It is through self-development projects, constant searching for learning materials, textbooks or papers available in electronic virtual library resources of Polonia University, that students explore and expand their knowledge base thereby becoming fully competent in their practical applications.

The innovative On-line Platform gives unlimited access to available materials necessary for completing the course of study. These materials give students the opportunity to independently analyze the material and realize a project to pass classes. Tablets or notebook computers have therefore become an indispensable tool for studying.

Tablets replace books and notebooks!

Access to didactic materials, regardless of time and place is the standard of education at Polonia University. The tablet or notebook computer is an essential tool which fits into a new quality of education.

Benefits to tablet enabled students:

  • On-line access from anywhere in the world;
  • Downloading files and completing projects at convenient times for students;
  • Contact with other students in various projects;
  • Access to didactic materials and resources through the tablet;
  • Access to the Virtual Library including the National Library.

The tablet is an essential tool for studying in accordance with International Educational Standards!

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