Objectives and targets

The purpose of the Association is to develop and coordinate the scientific activities of members of the Polish cultural heritage and the dissemination of knowledge about Poland /§ 6 Statutu/

The tasks of the Association /na podstawie § 7 Statutu/:

1. maintaining national traditions, cultivating and developing national consciousness, civic and cultural;
2. portraying the role and importance of the cultural heritage of Polish and Polish-American institutions in the world, including the impact of the Polish community in the cultural development of the country;
3. organization of scientific meetings, conventions, conferences, seminars, lectures, courses, etc.;
4. initiating, organizing and coordinating research, individual or team sports;
5. dissemination of knowledge about Poland through lectures, publications, exhibitions, etc.;
6. Universities organize summer courses for Polish and Polish-American youth in the field of Polish language and Polish culture;
7. implementation of programs of educational, cultural, social and regional, national, European and international levels;
8. participation in thematic networks, among others. in the field: ethical, sports, european, natural sciences and distance learning;
9. developing exchanges of faculty and staff research – research in all fields of academic education in order to raise Polonia lecturers and trainers from other partner universities in different regions of the world;
10. organization of the plane multilingual languages ​​used in the European Community;
11. establishment and development of relations with men of science, working on expatriate cultural heritage;
12. keeping database of merit for cultural heritage who are holders of Polish origin, and living in different areas of the world;
13. scientific and financial support Polonia School of Diplomacy;
14. development of voluntary activities for students and faculty;
15. profitable organization of events to raise money, earmarked for the implementation of statutory objectives;
16. cooperation with the centers of public authority and local government institutions and national and international organizations, concerned with the observance and retention of cultural heritage Polish and Polish;
17. Polonia collection of publications and other collections documenting the cultural heritage of Polish and Polish / videos, recordings, etc.;
18. a magazine of organizational and methodological disseminating the results of research into the history and transformation, and Polonia Polish-American community of cultural heritage.

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