Interdisciplinary Environment Management

The purpose and program of study

Environmental Management is a vital component of sustainable living.  Interdisciplinary understanding of environmental issues and their management in the context of sustainability lies at the core of this masters programme, which draws on a range of expertise in conceptual and applied approaches from the natural, physical and social sciences.

The modules offered on this program will allow you to develop skills in the collection, processing and analysis of environmental data; the use of data in the development and evaluation of policy; and a sound practical training in techniques of environmental management.

Possibilities for future work

Graduates go on to a diverse range of careers implementing sustainable development and dealing with the real environmental challenges facing humanity. Recent examples include working as an energy efficiency officer for a local government, an environmental officer in multi-national chemical company, a sustainability advisor for a national television / radio station, an environmental consultant for an engineering consultancy, and a programme officer with a sustainability charity. Other graduates use the research skills they developed to go on and do PhDs

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